Knock Down System

Siam Steel OC Co., Ltd. has expertise in structural work. Including materials for making roofs and walls for shorten construction period and the most effective of saving energy. Present, the format of the Knock Down system, which is the main business of the company, has 6 standard sizes, which are;


1. Standard Type : W9  X D12 m

2. Standard Type : W11 X D18 m

3. Standard Type : W16 X D17 m

4. Standard Type : W18 X D18 m

5. Standard Type : W20 X D15 m

6. Standard Type : W23 X D13 m


Beside from the 6 types mentioned above, the company can also desire the size of the model according to customer demand.


The advantages of knock-down system

1. Saving Time

Construction process of knock-down system takes less time than the conservative brick-making method. Also, able to check the quality of construction quickly, and allowing the store to be open faster than the tradition construction method.


2. Saving Energy

In the construction of a knock-down system, the materials that the company used, to make wall and roof are insulated, will help to prevent heat from outside and keep the cold temperature of the inside. This will reduce the operation work of air conditioners and all the cold chain equipment inside the store. Together, our selected material supports the use of energy effectively. From our collecting data, our Knock Down System can reduce electricity bills up to 30%.


3. Saving Cost

In the knock down construction process, less labor is needed from traditional construction method, causing to reduce the cost of labor.  Our knock down system, can also reduce the expenditure on electricity bill from the materials chosen by the company, which can saving cost in the long term. Including, being able to relocate the store's location, the cost will be cost less than construction new store.


4. Saving Environment

Knock Down system construction method helps reduce dust, smoke and noise from construction. And the completed shop also helps in reducing electricity usage.


Day 1 st

Day 2 nd

Day 3 rd

Day 6-7 th


Day 4-5 th

Day 8-9 th


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